South Norfolk Council Village Clusters Plan

May 2021

As part of the new Greater Norwich Local Plan, South Norfolk Council are providing a separate Village Cluster Plan which aims to provide for more small scale housing development in the rural villages in the South Norfolk District Council administrative area.

There has been some scepticism on these in the planning and development industry as to these effectiveness of these to meet the aims of the NPPF “the Framework”, however I think that they in fact go to the heart of “sustainable development” as defined by the NPPF.

Not only do they provide for smaller rural communities to thrive and survive, and thus support the local services (i.e. schools, doctors surgeries, shops, pubs) which is a key aim of the NPPF, they also tick the boxes of providing for smaller sites for developers to build out quickly, sometimes on underutilised land thereby increasing housing delivery. In the last 30 years small developers have dropped from 40% to just 12% of the developer market (as defined in the Queens Speech on the 11th May 2021 in relation to the new Planning Bill).

If you have any small parcels of land adjoining villages in South Norfolk then please do get in touch with us on:-

Tel: 01603 931178