Planning Permission Granted for 3 Dwellings in Broadland DC Administrative Area

JUNE 2021

Broadland District Council
Planning Permission Granted

Whilst we often deal with large scale applications this small site within a village outside of the village development boundary was a pleasing win for us today due to the nature of the site and the recommendation for refusal. Size as they say doesn’t matter!

I was able to convince the Planning Committee against an officer recommendation of refusal that this small scale scheme abutting (and outside) the development boundary would provide for a small scale development (with one self build) comprising energy efficient bungalows in a highly sustainable location with a new footpath link which extends to the current footway leading into the village which has a range of amenities and services which are readily available.

We are urgently looking for new land on the edge of village settlements in Norfolk and Suffolk which we can utilise our skill set to obtain planning permission on land even outside of the confines of village settlements.

The owner of this land had an only daughter who very sadly passed away a number of years ago at a young age and as a mark of respect on land she would have inherited, we are going to be calling the development of this site after her as a gesture of her legacy.

Sustainable development to a tee!


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