Land wanted

We are always looking for new land whether it is land with planning permission or land which does not yet have planning permission (Land which does not have planning permission please see the Strategic Land section.

We have a wide range of residential developer contacts ranging from large PLC developers through to regional developers as well as smaller development companies all with varying degrees of land requirement. We keep abreast of the current marketplace and most importantly keep in touch with local developers so we always know what their land requirements are at any time.

We specialise in land which has (or will soon have) planning permission for residential development in the East of England and our area of coverage is shown on the map.Please call us if you have land which has planning permission (or will soon have) planning permission for residential development (new homes). We specialise in single phase (i.e. a developer buying in one purchase) land which has planning for sites of between 50 – 250 units although we will of course look at sites which are lesser and greater than this (please speak to us).

We are always interested to hear from landowners who have land with planning permission and are looking to sell the land to maximise their land assets and achieve their desired financial returns and outcomes.

Please get in touch

to see how we can help with you with your land assets.