Land sale completed for 69 new dwellings at Newton St Faith for Lovell Homes


We are delighted to announce that following the resolution to grant Full Planning Permission in October 2019, Full Planning was subsequently granted in December 2019 following successful completion of the S106 Agreement.  This roughly 6 acre greenfield paddock site is roughly 4 miles north of Norwich, close to the new Northern Distributor Road (Broadland Northway).

Housing on this roughly square shaped site will be developed by Lovell Partnerships Limited for 69 new dwellings, including the provision of 10% affordable housing which will go towards the shortage of affordable housing in the District.

We are experts in identifying and maximising land for residential development and, as such, are always looking to assist landowners maximise the value of their landholdings (either with or without planning permission) in East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire).

We wish Lovell Partnerships Limited the very best in their new development project.